International Conference “Environmental Engineering”, 10th International Conference „Environmental Engineering“

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Roman Shults, Petro Krelshtein, Iulia Kravchenko, Olga Rogoza, Oleksandr Kyselov

Last modified: 2017-09-28


Culture heritage will always remain one of the priorities of any state. Taking a cultural or historical object under protection is impossible without inventory. At the same time than the more detailed and better inventory will be performed, the more reliable will ensure the safety of the object. The best technology, which allows getting high-quality inventory is close-range photogrammetry. Unfortunately, the full capabilities of this technology is fully owned by professionals only. The situation changed significantly with the advent of mobile devices that are equipped with digital cameras and low-cost software that does not require any special knowledge in the theory and practice of photogrammetry. These developments have been called low-cost photogrammetry technologies. In the present study, we examined the use of smartphones and nano UAV and PhotoScan software for solve the problem fortifications II World War inventory near the city of Kiev. For qualitative data, the calibration of digital cameras in smartphones and ultra-light UAV was performed on calibration bench. One of the features of this project was the integration of the terrestrial photos and photos captured by nano UAVs. As a result of work performed were obtained 3D models of fortifications. The quality of the model was verified by comparing similar models of structures that have been created with the help of a professional calibrated digital camera. Comparison of results showed high efficiency of the low-cost photogrammetry technologies. At the end of work practical guidelines were provided, how to get high-quality data using low-cost photogrammetry technologies.



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